Do you have an idea for a piece of jewelry you would like to have made? Come to us and make your vision come true!

When you come to us with your idea, we help you shape it into a practical piece of jewelry and give you a price proposal to have the piece of jewelry made. We have expertise in a variety of areas within the art of goldsmithing.

Things that might be good to think about/bring with you when visiting:
Reference/Sketch: If you can, it is good to bring some type of reference or sketch of something similar to what you want.
It can be anything from an exact sketch of your desired jewelry to a couple of pictures of jewelry that you like and want a similar style.
Any kind of references/inspiration you can bring with you helps the creative process!
Stone: If you want a precious stone in your jewelry, it can be good to think about which one you want, if it is a specific type or just roughly what color, cut and size you want.
In our shop we have a range of beautiful gemstones, but we also have the ability to source specific gemstones if desired and have a partnership with a local gemstone cutter if you want to ensure you get a perfectly cut stone!
We also offer to take stones out of your old jewelry and give them a new life in your new jewelry.
Please let us know in advance if you know what type of stone you want and we will be able to get one in before your visit.
Engraving:There are many types and possibilities with hand engraving, you can do everything from a simple name on the inside of your ring or initials on a pendant to a detailed special design on your jewelry.
If you want text engraving, you can think of what you want it to say, size and which font you want, we are able to do most things!
When it comes to a special design, you are welcome to sketch something or find reference images for what you want, otherwise we can help you when you come in.
Budget: It can be good to think through what you are willing to spend on your new piece of jewelry!
If you have a limited budget, we can help design the jewelry so that it stays within those limits, while if you have a wider budget, we can make sure that no unnecessary compromises are made to keep the price down.
If you don’t know exactly what you want to spend, you are welcome to stop by and we can work out the design for your piece of jewelry and give you a price proposal based on that and then work on from there.
Material: The choice of material can be made based on several different bases, both the visual and the practical.
As an example, white gold is harder and more durable than silver, which means that it is not scratched as easily and is more suitable for example more delicate mounts, but it is much more expensive.
Your own gold: If you have old jewelry at home, you can contemplate whether you either want it melted down and turned into your new jewelry or hand it in as payment for the jewelry.
It can be an effective way to keep costs down!
Surface treatment: You can have many types of surface on your jewelry, if you don’t want it shiny, we have many different types of matting or types of hammering you can have on the surface.
We also have the option of plating your jewelry, both silver/gold plating and rhodium plating.
Rhodium plating is often used on white gold to give it a brighter white surface but may need to be redone from time to time if it is on a piece of jewelry that has a tendency to wear, like a ring.
We personally prefer the neutral white gold color, but if you want a brighter white surface, rhodium plating is recommended.

If you have the opportunity, please email us with the information and thoughts you have regarding your jewelry and when you wish to come in, so we have the opportunity to prepare if there is anything needed.

We mainly work with gold and silver, but we can also work in copper and brass. If you have any questions about other materials, please contact us.
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